Are you lonely, when you are alone?

For me the answer is no. It’s not like I don’t prefer to be around people, most of the time, but I am more than happy alone, no phone, no computer, no internet. The truth is I am not really alone. I can meet up with Rand, Mat and Perrin in Wheel of Time or follow Richard and Kahlan in Sword of Truth or revisit the magic of Hogwarts with Harry. If I want to be realistic, I can re-learn the legendary game from Alex Ferguson’s perspective or marvel at Jeffrey Sachs answer to the question of poverty. But even if my paper friends are unavailable or repetitive or just plain old boring at that time, I can read my bible and bask in the peace and wisdom of God.


I like to play this experiment (as a scientist and a rational thinker who is smarter than his own good) I ignore my faith which is a grace from God, anyway, and ask myself, based on Jesus’ teaching in the bible and the rest of the New Testament, who do I say Jesus Christ of Nazareth is?


To answer this, my thoughts have to digress to the nature of life on earth. All life on earth is struggle within a balance. Every individual life form from the smallest cell to the largest whale struggles to provide the energy its body needs and struggles to continue its specie. Different species fight for the same food source or watering hole, different packs or tribes struggle amongst species and siblings fight amongst families. And they all are interconnected and remain in balance before one specie pushes another into extinction.


Now here comes Jesus, telling you that the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. Love your enemies, forgive as your heavenly father forgives you, blessed are the meek, give freely openly and lovely from the little you have, trust in GOD to provide your needs e.t.c. – basically love God and surrender control to him.


This seems like an ideal way to die…then, He adds, you are not of this world you are made for a place in the kingdom of heaven, which I go to prepare for you (and we are to just take this on faith). I can see why the skeptics and the scientists and atheist and agnostics can’t understand us. But, imagine if we lived this way as a population. We worked hard in our jobs and were content with our own pay. We lived within our means and helped our neighbours. We lived in balance and love of nature. We forgave freely and openly, assessed people as individuals and did not objectify the opposite sex. We embraced free will and love, and spent time in silent contemplation asking a higher power for guidance while controlling the only thing we can control…ourselves and our attitude. If this was his message, then he was a genius ahead of his time.


There have been many great men in history who have done good; but how many of them have done so much good and are still systematically causing good to be done because of them. Forget the misguided christians who judge, because of their own insecurities…my Jesus has clearly said that there will be only one judgement, His. “Where were you when I was hungry, sick, thirst, unclothed, in pain, in need, in mourning and asked you for help?” – whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do onto me.


So I don’t understand when you ask me if I am lonely when I am alone…even if I can’t read my bible, Jesus walks with me.


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