Incredibles 2 is EPIC…

We are always so concerned about me; how to get more likes, more readers, better job, more money, be more attractive and on and on. But there are people who have loved us even when we cared nothing about all these things...and there are new people who love us for who we are not as we wish we were. That I think is the bigger message of Incredibles and what is so attractive about it...the irony is that they are the ones we would all "want" to be, but they can't even be themselves.

The right reaction to “Actions”

My misguided sister, who I love dearly, is of the view that there are good and bad actions separate from the context and intent but I feel that nothing can be evaluated in isolation.  I can appreciate her view point as the responsible first-born with a strong sense of propriety but right and wrong is a terrible simplification for a wide range of actions.

The Underachiever: Dorian (Chapter 3)

Okay an extra freebie because of my prolonged absence...hopefully life won't get so in the way that I am not consistent.   Chapter 1: Bars, Babes and Depression Chapter 2: Second Chapter...loading The room was hot and stuffy. The fluorescent lights that worked blinked while most of them were dead or empty. Most of the… Continue reading The Underachiever: Dorian (Chapter 3)